Jul 8, 2016

Friendly Bacteria

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Something Bad May Be Hiding in Your Intestines


If you’ve been following the digestive health headlines, you know probiotics are all the rage. And with good reason! Healthy bacteria can work wonders for digestive comfort, immunity, circulation and even mental health.





But the sad fact is probiotics have gone main-stream…




As a result, everyone from the yogurt makers to the suits who run the drugstore chains think they’re experts. But there’s something you need to know – not ALL probiotics are created equal. In fact, some strains don’t even make it to your intestines…





They’re slapping “probiotic” labels on anything they can – even though many of the beneficial bacteria in these products never make it to your intestines where they’re so desperately needed! Instead, they’re incinerated in the harsh acidic environment of your stomach. And if the good bacteria are “D.O.A.” – they’re not doing you any good!





And that leaves you with more of the same: constipation…gas…bloating…indigestion…and discomfort… that makes you pay dearly just for enjoying your favorite foods.





And now, thanks to cutting edge science




You can try the most advanced probiotic supplement available… without the premium price. In fact, this cutting edge digestive support is now available for about a dollar a day! It’s called Ortho Biotic, and if you’ve been struggling to ease your occasional digestive “distress,” your search is over…





This formula contains the specific strains and amounts found to produce miraculous results in clinical studies.That includes lactobacillus plantarum which, according to renowned cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, “is the strain that supports normal cholesterol and healthy blood pressure.” “Plus, it helps to comfort your irritable bowel and improve digestion”, he adds.





For some, using Ortho Biotic can mean clearer skin, less ASTHMA, less inflammation, less yeast infections and reduced allergies because probiotics starve other microbes and allergens of the food they need to thrive, acting as your natural antibiotic. Ortho Biotic has no side effects, just perfectly comfortable, wonderfully regular digestion, great immunity, and better heart health — the way nature intended.





Ortho Biotic contains 7 strains of friendly flora, for a staggering total of 22 BILLION units of healthy bacteria. And it only takes one small capsule a day! There’s no reason to suffer with occasional digestive issues any longer… not when premium probiotic power is available at such a bargain! And with such a stellar formulation ORTHO BIOTIC is sure to amaze you with your new found level of digestive and immune support. So don’t wait – order up your bottle of Ortho Biotic today!



Combine with Digestzyme V for Ultimate Digestive Support!

BUY ORTHO BIOTICCall: 770-529-9277


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“For years I have only been able to eat fruits and bland food during the daytime. If I ate at nighttime or had anything with acid or the slightest seasoning I paid dearly with stomach pains and worse symptoms I’d rather not share. Doctors tried to prescribe antacids, Prilosec, anti-nausea drugs and other things that were so silly I never even took them. Nothing ever helped, even the “miracle” herbs I tried or OTC pills like Beano didn’t deliver as promised so I just accepted the fact that I’d have to live like this. But then I met a pharmacist who recommended I try something called Digestzyme. It worked immediately and since then I’ve haven’t had a single problem. It goes without saying that I’m more than pleased with Dr. Sharomi, the pharmacist who recommended it and especially this product…I’m a customer for life!” – Lynn C, Acworth



Are the drugs you’re taking for upset stomach getting weaker? or not working at all? Well I have news that might shock you! The reason these drugs don’t seem to be helping is because they’re MAKING YOUR PROBLEM WORSE. That’s right, acid reflux medications like Zantac, Prilosec or Nexium are only supposed to be taken temporarily (14 weeks maximum) and the manufacturers warn you on the bottle because they know you’re only digging a deeper hole for yourself with time. Taking these drugs long term forces you to balance the unnatural change in pH by producing MORE ACID. This means you’ll have to double down on the Tums because ANTACIDS ARE MAKING YOU PRODUCE MORE ACID. In essence, you become addicted to the antacids. But there’s even WORSE NEWS…when you turn off stomach acid with these drugs, your body is not able to optimally digest food and you become nutritionally deficient. This makes it even harder for your stomach to make the mucous lining it needs to protect itself and can set you up for even worse reflux. Continuing on this path is a detriment to your health!





“This helps me better than any ‘prescribed drug’ out there” – Debra



Now, thanks to DIGESTZYME V, you can put an end to the acid-reflux cycle while DRASTICALLY IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH. DIGESTZYME V is a breakthrough that goes way beyond the scope of antacids or gas relief. It has 20 all-natural ingredients including 18 powerful, food-dissolving enzymes, and 2 acid enhancing extracts that ensure complete digestion and even NEUTRALIZES THE EFFECTS OF GLUTEN . But not only does DIGESTZYME V provide more comprehensive support than the “purple pill”, it may also help provide relief of conditions associated with inflammation by helping reduce undigested proteins from circulation. DIGESTZYME V supports your digestion by BREAKING DOWN AND DISSOLVING FOOD FOR YOU which STOPS THOSE PUMPS from dumping tons of acid into your digestive tract. DIGESTZYME V even soothes painful intestinal contractions as it keeps your gut free from fermenting food (a breeding ground for YEAST). So whether you suffer from Barrett’s esophagus, bloating, celiac disease, cramping, nausea, diarrhea, embarrassing gas, sour stomach, or exhaustion after enjoying your favorite meals DIGESTZYME V is the CURE that SOLVES NEARLY ANY DIGESTIVE CHALLENGE.



But you should hear about how wonderful DIGESTZYME V works from those who are fellow sufferers:





“[This] has stopped any indigestion and heartburn taking before each meal. I would suggest this to anyone that has these issues.”
– S. Monroe

“Digestzyme has virtually stopped my wife’s chronic throwing up problems; turns out she doesn’t absorb nutrients properly.”
– T. Easton

“I take one capsule as necessary … and it works. Less [gas] and less constipation is an added bonus. No more chalky tablets or OTC anti-acid pills for me!” – J. Williams



Are You Tired Of Living in constant discomfort?



Wouldn’t it be just perfect to finally stop waking at night in pain… to end symptoms of celiac disease… abdominal cramps and those embarrassing outbursts at the dinner table? How magical would it be to feel the energy from every morsel of food surging through your body? Digestzyme V has a proven track record as a virtual CURE for symptoms of indigestion. So if you suffer from cramping, bloating, diarrhea, sour stomach, excessive gas, or celiac disease get DIGESTZYME V today… we guarantee you’ll feel better!




Combine with RHIZINATE 3X and ORTHO BIOTIC for ultimate digestive support!

BUY DIGESTZYME Call: 770-529-9277

Blood Sugar Control

Control Diabetes




There’s a brand-new breakthrough that’s been kept well hidden from the general public for some time…It’s called Diaxinol. And it just might be enough to keep your loved ones from hovering over you every time you sit down at the dinner table. You won’t have to hear “Should you really be eating that?” And you won’t feel like you need to sneak into the kitchen for a decadent snack when no one’s looking. It might even help you silence another lecture from your doctor the next time you go in for a checkup.




Now, it doesn’t mean you can start eating

like a kid in a candy store…



But it means you can feel confident knowing you’re doing a little something extra to keep feeling your best. In other words…You’ll be feeling sharp and alert…instead of sluggish and cloudy. You’ll know you’re taking bold steps toward being set free from worsening diabetes…Best of all, you can live your life without thinking about sugar spikes and “food guilt” every minute of the day!




Now If You’re Taking medication for Diabetes And…





  • Still find it’s very difficult to lose weight no matter how hard you try

  • Always feel drained of energy, tired and sluggish

  • Get bad news at your doctor’s office about your cholesterol

  • Find you have frequent mood swings and poor memory

  • Find you get colds and other infections often




I have bad news for you, because all of those symptoms are a sign of out of control blood sugar and that means your medication is doing a poor job of controlling your Diabetes. But don’t blame your doctor just yet, he or she is limited by what Big Pharma puts out on the market. And to be honest those sharks are just looking for creative ways to keep you from dying long enough to turn a giant profit  …So isn’t it time to do something for yourself that actually keeps you from having to hear more lectures, add more pills, and stick yourself with more injections?






What makes Diaxinol so powerful is that it contains a potent combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Biotin and Cinnulin. This combination spells SWEET VICTORY for any Diabetic because ALA acts like a taxi for sugar molecules, driving them into the muscle where they belong so they get burned for energy instead of being stored as fat. Biotin turbo-charges activity in the pancreas, increasing the number of Beta cells and their production of insulin, enhancing insulin sensitivity and accelerating sugar metabolism. And finally Cinnulin (a patented Cinnamon extract) substantially increases glucose tolerance which means you can withstand more calories before your glucose levels spike; at the same time Cinnulin reduces insulin resistance, and increases lean body mass while reducing body fat–and that’s why Diaxinol is worthy of every penny of its production. Because in short order you’ll see:



  1. Your blood sugar begin to balance

  2. Your body begin to produce and utilize insulin more efficiently

  3. Your cholesterol stop creeping up and up

  4. It’s easier to maintain a healthy weight and reduced cravings

  5. Increases in your energy levels and less energy crashes

  6. A sharper mind and elevated moods

  7. A stronger immune system

  8. Better protection of your heart, kidneys, eyes and overall health





Are You Thinking “Yeah, Right?”

Don’t Be Skeptical Yet, We Have Proof!



In one clinical trial, 22 people with type 2 Diabetes who were taking oral diabetes drugs also took 600 mg of ALA daily. Participants experienced significant reductions in blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C and glycosylated plasma protein levels. More remarkably, at the end of the 18-month study, the participants were able to reduce their drug dosages, and five of the study subjects were able to effectively maintain normal blood sugar levels with the ALA alone. Further research investigated the additional use of Biotin and concluded, “the beta cells may be regenerated in type 2 diabetic patients on Biotin.”




“A1c keeps getting lower every 6 months I have my labs drawn. . . it’s 5.9 now and I started in the “diabetic” range of over 7! No more burning feet at night either I’ve noticed.” -Scott

“Saw this advertised in a flyer. My doctor suggested I go ahead and try this after needing to stop Metformin because of major side effects. It may sound amazing but this actually lowered my sugar better than the drug. Nice to use something without side effects.” – Joilen



In another study, researchers gave 24 men and women with diabetes 250 mg of Cinnulin or placebo twice daily. Cinnulin helped to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in 83% of subjects in the treatment group, compared to 33% in the placebo group. Cinnulin has also been shown to support healthy body composition by increasing lean body mass while reducing body fat.  Researchers found that the addition of Cinnulin helped to improve glucose measurements during the 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes following a carbohydrate meal.



My pharmacist recommended this supplement along with diet changes to help lower my blood sugar. My A1C had gotten as high as 7.2, just over 8 month after that I was down to 5.8 and lost about 10 lbs. A little pricey but worth it. – Jack


All of that research proves why one of our customers recently had this to say after trying Diaxinol for a month: “My sugar readings steadily fell from hovering between 130-140 through the day down to the low 100’s. My last reading was a 99 and my doctor said my A1C is down from a 7.4 to 6.2 since the last visit.” – Warren M.


If you’re like most other Diabetics you have noticed over the years that the amount of prescriptions you take, their doses and costs have only increased. But now it’s time for you to try something that is going to support your body right at the core of Diabetes. Diaxinol helps support the function of beta cells on your pancreas. The result of this support in the pancreas is more natural production of Insulin and better control of Diabetes while being able to scale back on prescription drugs. These results have been substantiated by countless cases just as the ones you have seen listed here. So get DIAXINOL today if you want control over Diabetes.


BUY DIAXINOLCall: 770-529-9277


Combine with Thorne Berberine-500  and Vitamin D 50,000 IU for ultimate sugar control

Allergy Weapon

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“I had been having problems for the past 3 years with my ears. They appeared to have a fluid build-up and [I] couldn’t get anything to help. I had been to numerous doctors including ear, nose and throat doctors and could not find any answers. [Then] I took the pharmacist’s recommendation and for about 3 months now the build-up has disappeared! I am purchasing my third bottle –just maintaining with one to two tablets a day. Very happy I found the advertisement by this pharmacy.”  –Pamela Haas, Acworth




If you feel your allergy symptoms are getting worse with each new season, it’s not your imagination. Our weather seems to be changing all over the world. Each year is becoming warmer, which is lengthening the growing season. Scientists say these changes are making life miserable for allergy sufferers worldwide.



They also say you can expect your allergy misery to increase every season. And if you’ve never been bothered by allergies in the past, there’s a good chance you soon will be. Let me explain why…





Why You Can Expect Your Allergies to Get Worse:






A longer growing season means that allergy sufferers are in for double trouble: from tree pollen that causes spring hay fever allergies –and from pollen produced by grasses and ragweed in the fall. Ugh! Pollen, you see, attacks our immune system, which attempts to get rid of it through coughing, sneezing and expelling mucus. Result? Breathing becomes more difficult-and sound sleep is nearly impossible.


The Dangers of Allergy Medicines




Conventional allergy medications aren’t very effective either (only 26% of allergy sufferers say their symptoms are “well-controlled” or “completely controlled”). Worse, these drugs carry a long list of ugly side effects, which include decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, migraines, seizures, trouble urinating and impaired brain function.





Additionally, allergy medications can be very dangerous when taken with certain prescription drugs, such as for:


Heart disease
High blood pressure
Enlarged prostate
Thyroid conditions




But This Doesn’t Mean You’re Doomed to Suffer





You’ll be happy to know there are a handful of highly-effective herbal based remedies which halt allergy symptoms quite effectively-and every one of them is free of side effects and drug interactions.





In fact, this report will outline the very best natural medicine which contains ALL of these highly-effective herbal remedies along with why it works so well. And we’re sure you’ll be happy to know that for many people, this natural remedy worked better than the leading allergy drugs.






But here’s the best news: This formula in particular combines the top-performing histamine-blocking herbs, which makes it a “super” allergy-fighter that can keep you symptom-free-even during the height of the season when everyone around you is miserable!






Though you may not have heard of NATURAL D-HIST before, this natural sensation has been practically CURING people from itchy and watery eyes, runny noses, stuffy heads, sneezing and even the more unbearable symptoms of difficult breathing and wheezing for years. And D-HIST is nothing like cheap drugs that do little but cause side effects i.e. leaving you too drowsy to function. D-HIST is a SUREFIRE solution for seasonal allergies because it doesn’t just mask your symptoms… it tackles the root cause of allergies which is a weakened immune system and builds it from the ground up so your body “learns” not to overreact to pollen.






Imagine the LONG-TERM sweet freedom to walk outside and take a deep breath of fresh spring air without sneezing. That’s what you can expect with D-HIST, the perfect anti-allergy weapon with FIVE potent nutrients that re-program and build your immune system… while keeping your eyes, sinuses, lungs and nose from flooding with mucous. These nutrients, known as bioflavinoids are the secret sauce that makes D-HIST a ground-breaking allergy-buster helping you breathe easier by:


  1. Loosening tight airways and reducing histamine production

  2.  Working as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, and a mucous cell stabilizer

  3.  Working as an anti-asthmatic and clearing sinuses

  4. Acting as a mucous thinner

  5. Reducing incidences of  wheezing and coughing




Here’s What Clients Are Saying About This Blockbuster formula:


“We have been more than pleased with the performance of D-hist during this crazy pollen season. Zero effects from our normal allergen triggers…Great to experience Spring without the sneezing and dripping!”
– John Renfroe, Acworth


“I have been suffering from allergies my whole life. I have tried all kinds of medications. I tried this Dhist and I feel better than I ever have in my life. I would recommend this product over any other that I have tried.”
– Keith, Dallas


“Thank goodness for DHIST! Having suffered from allergies all season to the point of continually plugged ears, I tried this. Wow! I can’t tell you how much it has helped… I pay the price when I forget to take it. I highly recommend it.” Sid Conway






What Can NATURAL D-HIST Do For You?






  • D-HIST dries up drainage

  • D-HIST keeps sinuses from clogging

  • D-HIST makes breathing effortless

  • D-HIST helps control wheezing and other asthma symptoms






Are you absolutely tired of deciding whether to drip and drain or be drowsy all day? Are medical bills draining your wallet while you’re clueless of how to (literally) clear your head? This year, you don’t have to roll the dice. So many others in your shoes have discovered how to send their worst allergy symptoms into remission by using NATURAL D-HIST. If you are certain it’s time to put an end to your or your child’s allergies then ask for NATURAL D-HIST. You will be 100% satisfied by your relief. So get DHIST today and put an end to your allergies.





BUY D-HIST Call: 770-529-9277

Cortisol Manager

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Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. But lately you’re wearing your sheets thin tossing, turning, fussing and fidgeting… just PRAYING for a few peaceful minutes of sleep. And each tick of the clock is a cruel reminder that you’re STILL waiting for your sleep aid to kick in. How long has it been? How long ago did you trudge to the bathroom, pour a glass of water, and choke down one of those pills? Well if you read this article I’m going to share something that’s going to put an end to that useless routine. But this “sleep anytime” secret is nothing you’ve ever heard about before. Not from your current doctor or pharmacist. No, but many people have been SET FREE from the chains of insomnia using this simple secret and the success stories are so staggering it can’t be listed here. Yet once you learn about it, chances are you’ll be added to the list of deep sleeping ex-insomniacs.




Nothing EVER Seems To Help Me Sleep




But first you need to fully understand why the things you’re currently taking…even the highly prescribed Ambien simply isn’t doing ANYTHING to help your insomnia. Doctors hear complaints about insomnia all the time, and if they have a few extra minutes to speak with you they’ll explain the major reason for insomnia isn’t melatonin or Ambien deficiency…it’s too much production of the hormone Cortisol due to daily stress and poor eating habits. Dr. Lisa Rankin, M.D. explains: “Cortisol levels are supposed to drop at nighttime, allowing your body to relax and recharge. But if your cortisol levels are too high, you might notice that, even if you’ve been tired all day, you get a second wind right around bedtime. Then you toss and turn all night – and feel tired again the next day.” Dr. James Wilson adds: “Stress normally causes a surge in adrenal hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that increase alertness, making it more difficult to relax into sound sleep–especially when they remain high or rise and fall irregularly through the night. Frequent or constant stress can chronically elevate these hormone levels, resulting in a hyper-vigilant state incompatible with restful sleep.” And since we live in a fast-paced society filled with high stressors and fast food, it is highly likely that your insomnia isn’t going to get cured anytime soon –not even by Ambien.




The good news is Mother Nature has its own solution that gets to the ROOT CA– USE of most insomnia cases. This natural sensation is called Cortisol Manager, and as the name implies, it contains a proprietary blend of herbs that lower cortisol as easy as turning off the light switch. So taking Cortisol Manager each night is like having a snooze button for your brain, because it dials down the cortisol without leaving you hung over, groggy or in a fog the next morning. Quite the contrary, in fact since the herb Ashwagandha (key ingredient) has the ability to balance energy levels, whether too high or too low. So if your “get up and go” is long gone Cortisol Manager will help put pep back in your step each morning, ramping you up for the day’s challenges far better than your morning coffee. And better energy isn’t the only benefit –Dr. Rankin lists the following possible benefits for cortisol balance: better mood, improved digestion, increased libido, less pain, fewer colds/infections and improved weight. But this is about a better sleep so about those success stories I mentioned earlier…




Cortisol Manager Works…




“I really like how quick Cortisol Manager works. It helps me sleep better and I feel so much calmer. It has controlled my adrenaline rushes.” –Marie

“I am probably the world’s lightest sleeper, so I would be waking constantly during the night wee hours of the morning. I used Cortisol Manager to help me get to sleep earlier and sleep without having the annoying 2 or 3 am wakeups or every sound waking me up. Worked like a charm!” –Naomi

“I felt tired and ready for sleep 20 minutes after taking Cortisol Manager.” –Kevan

“I was impressed to try Cortisol Manager for stress and anxiety. Seems to help with both. At least it seems to take the edge off so that I can get some sleep.” –Chris

“I purchased Cortisol Manager for my son who was having trouble sleeping due to high cortisol levels. My son slept during the night for the first time in months after only 3 days on the product. It’s been magic for him!” –Robyn




Are You Tired Of Dreaming About Better Sleep?




Now the opportunity has finally arrived. For less than you spend daily on an energy drink to help you after a sleepless night, you can start working WITH your body’s natural sleep cycle to enjoy night after night of deep, restorative sleep. After laying your head on the pillow it can help flip your brain’s natural snooze switch and COMMAND your body to sleep… you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Get Cortisol Manager today and say goodbye to your sleepless nights!





Coenzyme (CoQ10)

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Helps Prevent Congestive Heart Failure, Strokes, Alzheimer’s, even Parkinson’s!

Dr. James Balch, noted specialist in alternative medicine and author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing, steadfastly maintains the above is true. He personally takes the right amount to help prevent not only strokes, but also Alzheimer’s.

Why is this nutrient so vital? Because it helps to move electrons around to create ATP. ATP fuels muscle contraction (especially important for your heart— just think, it beats, on average 72 times a minute— that’s over 100,000 times each and every day! Imagine the amount of energy it takes to do that!) …ignites the production of billions of immune cells… energized liver and kidney cells… propels the repair of worn out parts and damaged cells… and more.

What is this vital nutrient? Coenzyme Q10 (Coq10). Without CoQ10, there is no ATP. Without ATP, your body would simply stop functioning. CoQ10 is also vital for cell respiration (the cells’ ability to “breathe”). This is also especially important for your heart. Without oxygen your heart cells die, your cardiac muscle is destroyed, and the muscle fibers are replaced with nonfunctional connective tissue. With enough of this damage, your heart will fail. The more CoQ10 available to heart muscle cells, the longer they can “hold their breath.” When circulation is restored and cells are re-oxygenated, a salvage process occurs and damage is circumvented. So, between CoQ10’s effect on the production of ATP, which keeps your heart beating, and its effect on cell respiration, which helps to prevent heart damage, you can understand why it’s vital to heart health!

What do the experts say? Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D., Founder and Director of the New England Heart Center in Manchester, Connecticut, Publisher of HeartSense, three -time recipient of the A.M.A.’s Physician Recognition Award, and one of America’s leading cardiologists, maintains that CoQ10 floods your body with youthful energy and health protection. In fact, he states: “Nothing I’ve ever found comes close to CoQ10’s success rate… If I could recommend only one health secret, this (CoQ10) is it!”

Dr. David Williams, writing in Alternatives for the Health-Conscious Individual, says “I’ve been recommending CoQ10 for decades… for individuals with any type of heart or liver problem The list of benefits attributed to this one nutrient is just like the Energizer Bunny— it goes on, and on, and on.”

Noted physician Dr. Sherry Rogers, writing in Total Health in Today’s World, states”…I believe CoQ10 should be part of the nutritional regimen for anyone with not only heart disease, but chronic fatigue, cancer, depression or gum disease (those with other symptoms can benefit as well).”
CoQ10 is vital for more than just your heart!

Studies indicating that CoQ10 can significantly help patients with breast cancer, periodontal disease, Parkinson’s disease, and blood sugar problems. And according to Dr. Sinatra, CoQ10 may help regulate blood pressure, as well as fight cancer.

Why is supplementation so important?
CoQ10 cannot be had adequately from food. Therefore without supplementation, cells become energy starved. This is especially important for people who are taking statin drugs (drugs like Zocor, Simvastatin, Lipitor or Pravachol that help lower cholesterol): Statin drugs block the synthesis of CoQ10. The body doesn’t make it, so cells can’t use it. Supplementation is not merely desirable, but necessary.

Keep in mind, CoQ10 is not easily absorbed by the body. That’s why it’s essential to get it in a Q-Melt form. Q-Melt chewable formulations suspend the CoQ10 in a small amount of oil. This delivery system provides 100% dissolution and is up to 300% more effective than other forms of CoQ10. Thus the Q-Melt form is more potent. This has all the benefits of the capsule form, with that additional benefit of being even more bioavailable, and being absorbed even more quickly. That’s why you should only try Vitaline CoQ10 chewable tabs to supplement with CoQ10.