December 2017

The Advantages of Pharmacy Delivery Services

Pharmacy Delivery Services

Pharmacy delivery service has been gaining popularity in recent years. Although most people gravitate towards using traditional, brick-and-mortar pharmacies, prescription delivery has distinct advantages. With most industries becoming more and more online-based, the logistics of pharmaceutical delivery have become simpler and easier to manage. There are several advantages of using one of these services over a typical chain pharmacy. read more →

What You Should Know about Compounding Pharmacies

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Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies, which were once far more common in the United States, have started to increase in popularity in recent years. With American society becoming ever more health-conscious, many patients have sought out compounding pharmacies as an alternative to big-name chains. read more →

Safety Tips for Buying Medicine Online

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Buy Medicines Online

With the pharmaceutical industry making a shift towards the online world, purchasing medicine and prescriptions online has become more common. However, because you aren’t dealing directly with a pharmacist or receiving a prescription in person, there are certain safety risks at play. There are global regulations to ensure safety of consumers purchasing their medications online, but it’s still best to be wary. read more →

What Is an Independent Pharmacy?

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Independent Pharmacy

You can find an independent pharmacy in Kennesaw, GA, and almost anywhere nationwide. In fact, as of 2010, there were over 20,000 independent pharmacies operating across the country. These pharmacies had dispensed nearly 40% of retail prescriptions total. What is an independent pharmacy, you ask? An independent pharmacy is a retail pharmacy that is not owned or operated by a publicly traded company, and is not affiliated with any pharmacy chain. read more →