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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you finding it hard to concentrate at work? Are you forgetting tasks and deadlines…objects, important dates and promises you made to a loved one? Are your children performing their very best in school and getting scholarship level grades? If you find that these situations are challenging for you or your children, I’m about to give you a tip that you’ll find hard to forget…because it’s a NATURAL solution that’s safe for your entire family. Yes, even young children have used this brain-boosting wonder to see their grades rising, to remember project deadlines and class room lectures, they even found it easier to learn hard concepts. Women have used it to ease away the stresses of the day, wives have used it to bring passion back into their marriage …and men have used it to perform recordbreaking feats in sports that landed them in the Guinness book of world records.




Joseph was a highly intelligent 16 year old. Despite having an IQ in the superior range, he maintained only a B average in school, which gradually dropped to a ‘D’ average as his classes got harder. After frustrations led him to become suicidal, his psychiatrist recommended Ritalin which he adamantly refused to take. After Joseph’s refusal the psychiatrist recommended an herb called Rhodiola, which he explained to Joseph was natural. Within weeks of trying a brand called ROSAVIN Joseph’s grade average rose to a B+ with A’s in math and science. ” – Dr. P. Gerbarg, M.D.






ROSAVIN is a natural supplement derived from the Rhodiola plant found in the Arctic regions of Eastern Siberia. ROSAVIN is in a rare class of herbs called adaptogens, which work by finding chemical imbalances (especially in the brain) and restoring balance by stimulating the body mentally and physically. ROSAVIN has extensive use among physicians and naturalists alike to correct mental health challenges. One such physician, Dr. Richard Brown, M.D. shares a portion of his experience with ROSAVIN:




ROSAVIN improves brain functions through a number of different mechanisms. At the cellular level, its arsenal of antioxidants prevents free radical damage to energy-producing mitochondria, DNA, and cell membranes. Studies suggest that it also increases production of the high-energy molecules that transport energy… to keep brain cells running and to fuel cellular repair. In brain cells, this prevents mental fatigue, maintains focus, and enhances intellectual functioning. ROSAVIN also stimulates a network of nerves in the brainstem, which literally wakes up the brain, increases attention and alertness, and raises the levels of brain chemicals essential for intellectual activity, regulation of mood and emotion, organization and planning, and inhibition of impulsivity. Furthermore, ROSAVIN helps prevent the excess release of stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) which can damage brain cells.” – Dr. R. Brown, M.D.




But Keep In Mind, ROSAVIN Is Not Just a Brain-Booster …It Also Produces Substantial Physical Benefits For The User:




“I heard about ROSAVIN from my pharmacist. It improved my sex drive significantly. I can’t believe the whole world isn’t talking about this –if they only knew.” – Louise Turgeon

“I suffered from severe fatigue for some time and had reached a point where I could barely function. My doctor recommended ROSAVIN, a supplement he is using with great success. Having tried other supplement in vain, my attitude was somewhat negative, but I thought, what do I have to lose! Much to my surprise it worked. Within a few days I saw a decided change for the better. I can’t believe the difference in my energy level. I am now getting through the day comfortably. By the way I am a Parkinson’s patient.” – Claire Minton

“I’ve never felt so good in all my life, I feel like a kid again. When I was 64 years old I was only able to swim a lap and a half in the pool and the YMCA. I started taking ROSAVIN and in less than thirty days I was swimming for an hour. After three months I swam for 3 hours straight and was interviewed by CBS. One year later, at 65 years old, I swam for 4 straight hours and was interviewed by ABC. That put me into the Guinness book of world records. For me ROSAVIN made all the difference between a work out and a record.” Martin Reiser, Rh.P.




And taking 100 mg of ROSAVIN every day for 20 days helped students improve their capacity to work, their coordination, and their general sense of wellbeing. Their learning ability increased 61% and their fatigue levels dropped by 30%.




Can you or your children benefit from the tremendous mental boost provided by ROSAVIN? I know that you will!  I’ve used my pharmacist training to fully vet ROSAVIN for you –so be assured ROSAVIN is the “Real McCoy” and has helped children in getting better grades, and helped others to fight depression, stress, anxiety or lack of energy. Would you like to add your or your child’s name to this growing list of beneficiaries? Get ROSAVIN today and get a better quality of life.




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