Relief from depression, stress and anxiety WITHOUT medications:


There are millions of people all over the world struggling with depression, anxiety and stress. Sometimes they are brief moments or day but for others it’s a daily situation. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to take medications in fear it may make the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress more severe. Some would rather take a more holistic approach to these issues to avoid harmful side effects from prescription medication. Here are a few easy helpful hints to help ease the depression, anxiety and stress naturally:

1) Eat a healthy diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, and omega three fatty acids. Avoid foods with lots of caffeine and sugar. One great way to chase the blues away is two ripe bananas a day . Bananas contain the chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine, which are believed to help prevent depression.

2) Acupressure away the pressure of the day by getting a firm grip on your ankle. Using your thumb and third finger, place one just below the inside of your anklebone, and the other finger on the indentation directly below your outer anklebone. Keep steady pressure on the spot as you count down from 100 to one, slowly. This is a great way to help relieve stress.

3) Regular exercise can be as effective at treating depression as medication. Not only does exercise boost serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good brain chemicals, it triggers the growth of new brain cells and connections, just like antidepressants do.

4) Our daily environment and our relationships have a strong association with depression. One example is seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which can be treated with bright lights.

5) Get quality sleep: it may sound like trite advice, but this is essential… Getting the right amount of high quality sleep is a key step in managing anxiety disorder. One practice that helps is creating a tech free hour right before you go to bed. Turn off the TV, computer and your phone. Read, meditate, journal, have a cup of herbal tea. Relax. Set up a healthy routine and repeat it night after night until it is habit.

Anxiety, depression and stress are horrible conditions, but it is possible to win the battle without medication. Sometimes, overcoming worry and nervousness is simply a matter of modifying your behavior, thoughts, and lifestyle. You can start with a drug-free approach, and then speak with a doctor if your symptoms don’t improve or worsen. These drug-free, antianxiety tactics can even help you complement your medication regimen. Do what works for you, and know that these conditions do not control your life.

Flu Season Is Here!


You’re sick. It’s terrible, we’ve all been there. I’ve got some good news though: there are home remedies and tips for fighting the common cold and influenza (flu) and getting back to your old self again. Acupressure and other exercises has been known to relieve common cold and flu symptoms while your body fights to get rid of the sickness. Suffering from the sniffles, sneezes, a full-blown common cold, or a terrible flu is no fun for anyone but we’ve got what you need for natural healing at home with acupressure! Along with rest and cold medicine, try the following unique cold remedies:

1) To stimulate appropriate acupuncture points that can help relieve the common cold, place an ice cube on the bottom of both big toes. Keep them in place with an elastic bandage or piece of cloth. Place feet in a basin, in two plastic shoe boxes or on plastic to avoid a mess from melting ice. Do this procedure for no more than 20 minutes at a time… morning, noon and night. This should relieve cold symptoms such as congestion.

2) We came across a beneficial exercise to do when you have a sore throat, which is common with some colds due to drainage. Stick out your tongue for 30 seconds, put it back in and relax for a couple seconds. Then stick out your tongue again for another 30 seconds. Do it five times in a row and it will increase blood circulation, help the healing process and make you the center of attention at the next executive board meeting.

3) You can also use acupressure to decrease your sinuses and give yourself relief. Pressing on these 8 Sinus Pressure Points will ease flu symptoms such as congestion: the base of the nose, inner eyebrow, eye sockets and eyebrows, outer edge of the eyebrow bone, cheekbone and eye socket, inner corners of eyes and nose, top of the sternum and middle of the clavicle (collarbone). In all, using sinus pressure points helps to ease the pain that comes with stubborn sinuses. The simple exercise will bring you some relief from cold and flu symptoms.

It’s best to begin using this at home remedy at the first signs of flu and cold symptoms to assure quick recovery. Feel better soon!

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Call it a miracle and you’d be exactly right. Call it an amazing healer beyond anything modern science has ever developed and you wouldn’t be exaggerating in the least. Yes, it has been proven to seek out and eliminate deadly tumor cells. Yes, it has the ability to stop almost any disease dead in its tracks! But what you are about to read will tell you what makes the most powerful disease destroyer ever discovered even more powerful.




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It’s none other than your miraculous immune system! That’s right…your IMMUNE SYSTEM. A strong, peak performing immune system is the single most important thing you can have to ensure lasting, vibrant health. Every second you exist your immune system defends you against literally millions of deadly microbes. If it’s functioning properly you will stay healthy, if it’s not, you won’t! PERIOD!





Truthfully, if your immune system was armed with perfect nutrition you’d hardly have health problems. Yet, Americans are below average on most measures of health —when compared with other rich countries, and we’re falling behind on lifespan, too, according to the latest survey from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.





But What If You Had A Nutritional Supplement

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That drinking just a small amount every morning could transform your entire life! Does that sound too good to be true? Though it may sound fantastic, transforming lives –even in some cases in a matter of minutes, is exactly what Dr. Richard Drucker designed IntraMAX to do.





I am writing [this] review for my 82 year old Mother who is an Alzheimer’s patient at a local Nursing Facility. My Mother, Nancy Watkins, has been on IntraMAX for 18 months. Her memory has improved slightly but the benefits that are extremely noticeable are: No Colds or Viruses since taking this product. She has a lot of energy, pleasant and happy mood, soft smooth skin. Additionally her lab results are better than mine and I am 57. When all of the patients that reside on the same Wing of the Nursing Facility as my Mom are experiencing a virus or flu, my Mother is still as healthy as an Ox (as they say)” – Carolyn Watkins





How does IntraMAX work so astonishingly well for everyone? IntraMAX contains more than 415 ORGANIC minerals, vitamins, herbs, anti-oxidants and supplements so it should not come as a surprise that it is able to increase stamina and energy, TURBO-CHARGE the immune system, balance mood, improve sinus health and circulation, improve heart function, nerve function, brain function and development, promote healthy respiration, maintain joint, skin and bone health, improve digestion, reduce stress, and maintain intestinal regularity.





But perhaps what is most impressive about this liquid nutritional goldmine is that its formula has a unique matrix which pulls toxins out of your body’s cells like a MAGNET. This detox method is like a vacuum cleaner for major organs; binding harmful toxins which over time may lead to chronic diseases. These toxins (accumulated through poor diet & pollution) once trapped in the matrix are then eliminated from the body through sweat and waste.






A++, been taking this for years and it’s the Rolls Royce on the market. If you are trying to decide [to buy or not] – DO IT. It literally saved my dad’s life and has helped my family greatly.” – R. Guiton






IntraMAX represents the first true chance anyone has ever had to get optimal health by COMBATING DISEASE AT ITS VERY SOURCE. Organs in your body simply cannot be healthy with nutritional deficits, constant exposure to pollution, food additives, drugs, and toxins without something to detoxify and protect them. If you want to live a longer, healthier life then start taking IntraMAX. If you have any negative experiences with your health after taking IntraMAX simply call us and we’ll set up arrangements for you to receive a full refund of your purchase. Arm yourself with IntraMAX today!







Flu Vaccine Scandal

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