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You’ve tried prescription drugs. But among the risk of kidney failure and liver disease while taking blood pressure medications, Dr. Sherry Rogers MD warns: “calcium channel blockers (like Norvasc) actually shrink the brain and can cause a drop in IQ –some even increase the risk of heart failure”. So you couldn’t possibly keep taking drugs and expect to avoid health problems down the road… But you’ve tried bland, tasteless diets. You’ve endured hours of boring exercise or even natural remedies like garlic. And no matter what you do, your blood pressure stays stubbornly – maybe even dangerously – higher than it should be. But what if I told you there’s an all-natural way to dramatically improve your blood pressure in as little as 60 days?





Nature or Drug? You Choose…





Which would you rather do to keep your blood pressure healthy – drink a mild glass of natural fruit extracts or some expensive drug that kills your sex drive and energy, shrinks your brain, gives you “cotton mouth” and a nagging cough with no hope of getting off of it? Well now you can bring your blood pressure down into the “safety zone” with just one  cup a day.





I’m Dr. Jimi Sharomi, and as a compounding pharmacist I’ve never come across such a powerful yet natural blood pressure solution like CARDIO 911. As amazing as it sounds, CARDIO 911’s natural ingredients can help normalize your blood pressure starting in just 8 weeks. And CARDIO 911 can improve blood circulation and help keep your arteries young and healthy, too. Better yet, CARDIO 911’s unique herbs and vitamins work in harmony to restore your body’s natural blood-pressure balancing systems…keep your arteries open and your blood flowing freelyprotecting you against dangerous free radicals…and keeping you from having a heart attack. But what I discovered about a few of CARDIO 911’s other ingredients is a GAME CHANGER in the way blood pressure is treated…




Shocking Discovery!





In 1998 three American scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering that nitric oxide is considered a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. From their research we have learned that nitric oxide is a miraculous chemical naturally produced in the body as a means of CORRECTING blood pressure, blood clotting, arrhythmias and plaque formation. CARDIO 911 is a tasty, nutritional powder that contains a patented formula of amino acids which SURGE your nitric oxide levels.  So in short order CARDIO 911 will correct your high blood pressure. Additionally, CARDIO 911 will help prevent your blood cells from sticking to each otherCARDIO 911 will keep free space in your blood vesselsCARDIO 911 will keep your blood vessels from hardeningCARDIO 911 will regulate your heartbeats and improve your heart’s efficiency. In fact, your cardiologist will swear you have a NEW HEART as your labs reveal numbers so close to perfect they’ll be forced to delay your bypass operation or cancel prescriptions you no longer need! That’s because one of CARDIO 911’s ingredients transforms deadly plaques and artery-clogging toxins into harmless powder that is eliminated in your urine.





In Just Two Short Months On CARDIO 911

You’ll Have Experiences Like Our Clients:




“I purchased [Cardio 911] for my sister, whose arteries were so clogged that a stroke or heart attack was imminent. Her doctor even forbid her from exercise. Within eight weeks of following the protocol on the canister, her extremely high blood pressure dropped to almost normal. Since I’m not a doctor, I don’t have the expertise to say more, but we’re impressed with the results so far.” – Harold







Dr. L. Ignarro, PhD explains why CARDIO 911 is so effective at eliminating blood pressure: “Nitric oxide, the most potent muscle relaxer in the body is released from the inner lining of your blood vessels. After release, nitric oxide helps to keep vessel walls smooth like Teflon so they are less prone to having blood clots and plaques stick to them… which also keeps arteries from hardening. Nitric oxide also acts as an anti-inflammatory inside major arteries a key mechanism for preventing heart attacks and strokes. Finally, and most important for blood pressure sufferers, nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels, helping them to naturally widen and improve the flow of blood while reducing stress on the heart and other major organs.” This method is so proven that emergency room doctors are utilizing this science to prevent heart attacks.







“I’m in my 50’s and am more interested in increasing my endurance. I purchased this to help with my blood pressure. I’m not on medication, but my BP has been keeping up despite my workouts. At baseline my BP readings regardless of the time of day was about 140/105, give or take 5 points. After about a week on Cardio 911, my readings dropped significantly down, to really low levels I haven’t seen in a long time, like 118/85.” – Jerry





So by now you must be wondering…

“How Do I Increase MY Nitric Oxide?” 





The EASIEST way to dramatically increase nitric oxide is to get CARDIO 911. CARDIO 911 is a tasty, nutritional powder that contains the exact formula of amino acids that SURGES nitric oxide release into blood and in turn helps to control blood pressure, prevent blood cells from sticking to each other, maintain adequate space in blood vessels, keep blood vessels from hardening, regulate heart rhythm and improve heart efficiency. But CARDIO 911 has tons of benefits beyond blood pressure control –its GIANT list of nutrients also help control asthma, bind and remove toxins, improve erectile function in men, boost HGH production, offset damage to heart and lungs due to tobacco use, improve bone mass, enhance memory and improve kidney function.





Are You Interested In Living Much Longer and Healthier?





Do you want to become “heart attack proof”? CARDIO 911 will give you VISIBLE results. Nothing naturally relieves pressure like this and there may never be another. If you’re STILL struggling with high blood pressure you have two options, you can continue to damage your body with prescription drugs –or you can follow the advice of the smartest scientists in America and purchase CARDIO 911, for results your doctor will applaud. We are so confident CARDIO 911 will be the perfect solution for your high blood pressure, that we back it with a 90-day guarantee. Try CARDIO 911 for 2 months, if you get no benefits after complete use of both cans, simply return the empty cans for a 100% refund of your purchase. If your blood pressure is out of control get CARDIO 911 so you can live longer.




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