Red Carpet Pharmacy, Pharmacy  Compounding, Acworth, GA
Red Carpet Pharmacy, Pharmacy  Compounding, Acworth, GA

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BPH Control

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A few minutes from now, you’ll have an opportunity to join a select group of men… men who NEVER wake up 4, 5, or 6 times a night to rush to the bathroom. Because in this short, eye-opening report, I’m going to reveal an astonishing shift in the way you understand how to maintain your prostate health—something called the “4 pillars of a perfect prostate.” It’s a brand new approach that could change your life.


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No More Hot Flashes

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You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoe just because it was cheap or convenient would you? Yet most women wait at their physician’s office for hours at a time, only to receive a “cure-all” drug that often does more harm than good, causing occasional infections or bleeding.


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Ultimate Male Enhancement






When the special lady in your life flashes you a seductive smile and demands that you take her upstairs—NOW…When you pull her close… hungrily undo the zipper down the back of her dress and watch it slide off her deliciously bare shoulders…You’ve got two options for what happens next. You can either a) satisfy every desire she has until the two of you collapse, tangled up in each other… Until she wraps herself around you and begs you to give her an encore OR… b) you could miss out on the hottest sex of your life because you’re so worried about another “false start” that you don’t even make it upstairs in the first place.




So, If Last Night Wasn’t The Most Passionate




Most explosive night of your life –or hers, then THIS is the most important report you’ll ever read. Because what you’re about to see is the most misunderstood… overlooked… and IGNORED sex secret that every man over 50 needs to know. And if you take me up on this recommendation, you’ll discover how it unlocks the door to uninhibited, make-her-beg-for-it sex…For life





Now guys I have a personal question to ask, so make sure you’re alone while reading this….. How long has it been since you had an erection that you could honestly describe as… JAW-DROPPING? I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. An erection that rises on command; thick, strong and so hard that you can’t wait to use it. Picture it – when there’s only one way to soothe the fire burning in that massive, cat-couldn’t-scratch it erection…and she’s lying right there in front of you… How long has it been since she was so impressed with the sheer hardness of your passion, that she gasped with surprise when she saw it?





Now I hope you’re not embarrassed by me asking these questions and being so blunt. I know I’m not your doctor, but let’s face it. Even when you get in front of him or her you’ve only got five minutes to talk about this. And you and I both know that no matter what you say, at best, you’ll get a script for $600 pills…so unless you’re on a millionaire’s payroll it just ends up being a waste of time.





So if it’s been a while –even a long while since you’ve had an erection you can be proud of, you’re not alone… Far from it. In fact, most men over 50 experience some “challenges” in the bedroom. Really, it’s a normal part of getting a little older and nothing to be embarrassed about. But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. YOU don’t ever have to give up amazing sex. Not at all. In fact, you can still enjoy ALL the passionate and frequent sex you want… when you want it.





The bad news is you have to take action soon because while your sexual health might be failing there’s something else that might fail behind your back… did you know that over 46% of women in America have cheated on a partner they’ve claimed to have loved? Despite popular opinion 83% of women consider that sex is the MAIN reason for cheating on their spouse. Additionally 96% of women who were in a relationship with someone they considered “the best lover I’ve ever had” NEVER considered cheating on the partner. All of this can be bad news for any man because impotence affects 76% of men in their lifetime.




And That’s Where Alfa Male Comes In!




I’m about to tell you a new sex secret; a breakthrough called ALFA MALE for men which is supported by the latest science and tested in athletes across America. This secret could help you get the kind of erections you’d want to brag about to your pals over a beer. But to be fair I’ll let you know now, that even with prescription drugs treating erectile dysfunction can be hit or miss so results vary. Having said that though, you can’t afford NOT to try this breakthrough because for the first time ever you’re getting the raw testosterone support of male deer without the negative side effects of supplementing real testosterone i.e. heart disease, cancer or even inability to produce your own testosterone.





Raw testosterone available in your blood steam courtesy of ALFA MALE will naturally crank up your desire for sex…way, WAY up. If you feel like your desire is a 3 out of 10 now… get ready for that passion dial to spin straight to 11. You’ll experience more youthful passion, intense urges, incredible stamina, vastly improved circulation and the type of endurance that will leave you both sweaty and waiting for another steamy round! And remember the disclaimer I gave earlier? Don’t get too discouraged by that. I understand you don’t want to be disappointed so we had the lab add a couple extra ingredients for insurance. These ingredients are a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Fulvic acid which go straight into the bloodstream in a matter of minutes to deliver a rush of nitric oxide (NO). In turn NO will hold open blood vessels in a particular organ to get that CHISELED GRANITE erection that will have your wife wondering just exactly what got into you… yet she’ll be eager to find a reason to indulge your desires over and over again!





The best part about ALFA MALE is you won’t have to use it for days or weeks like you would with most of those “testosterone boosters”. I mean of course a lot of them are not even going to work because there’s nothing but empty promises in the bottle, but aside from that you can only fit so much herb in a pill. Then whatever that dose turns out to be is cut down to 60-65% by your liver before it even reaches where you need it most *hint hint*…So you’d be wasting time and possibly wasting your money waiting for days to find out if that internet or radio miracle is going to make a difference in your relationship. But from DAY 1, within the span of 45 minutes to an hour you’ll know that ALFA MALE is a WINNER! That’s because ALFA MALE get’s into your bloodstream immediately at 100% of the full dose quickly transforming you into the MAN she fell for and has been missing all these years…




Does This Sound Too Good To Be True?




I can understand why you’d be skeptical; a lot of companies claim their product to be the latest and greatest. But how many products have an expert pharmacist working with a medical grade lab that stands behind the product with a 100% money back guarantee? ALFA MALE is the top dog of all male enhancement supplements because it utilizes a combination of ingredients that drastically boosts Testosterone and Nitric Oxide for MAXIMUM SIZE, firm erections, more stamina and endurance, youthful passion, enhanced desire and HIGH OCTANE energy along with anti-aging benefits such as better joint mobility, increased muscle strength, reduction of blood pressure, reduction of inflammation and improved immune system. So if you’re looking to reclaim your erections from 20 years ago, get ALFA MALE and transform your sex life tonight!