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What if there was a far easier-and healthier-way to lose a significant amount of weight? I’m not talking about losing just a few pounds, but more like dropping 25 pounds or more of extra weight. It’s not only possible…




Scores Of Rave Reviewers Swear It’s True!




And we guarantee it! No matter which diet and exercise plan you’ve followed in the past, there’s a powerful new secret that actually boosts your results, so you can lose up to three times more weight than your current efforts!




This is the best thing I’ve used since the Ephedra craze. It’s easy to stick to healthier eating now because these keep my hunger and cravings at bay. They also keep me focused and energized until days end. So far, I’ve been averaging a loss of 5 pounds per week with hitting the gym here and there. ” – Danielle G, Acworth




Yeah I know this is just another exaggerated diet pill right? Wrong! SHED LBS is the new NO-GIMMICK approach to fast, steady weight loss! This isn’t some silly fad diet or crazy gimmick. It’s a simple, science-based supplement that attacks excess fat and promotes a leaner, healthier you in a completely different way. Skeptical? That’s ok. You should be considering all the false promises and weight loss lies being thrown around out there. But let’s face it…




You Can’t Lose Weight Until You Start Burning A LOT Of Calories




So what good is cutting a few calories from your diet (or a 15-minute workout) going to do when you need to burn a HIGH amount of calories daily? You need SHED LBS, the all-natural fat burner on your side if you want to put the numbers in your favor.




What’s the secret of SHED LBS? It’s a remarkable substance called Garcinia Cambogia derived from of all things … a pumpkin-seed! But not just any pumpkin seed will do. It has to be grown only in specific regions and cultivated under just the right conditions. The very best of the crop is contained in SHED LBS.




Garcinia Cambogia wipes away fat so completely, that it caught the attention of scientists and weight loss experts all over the globe. It works like nothing else seen before. Simply take SHED LBS as we direct you and eat healthier options according to our diet guide. If you do both, you can virtually see excess fat melt off your body… SHED LBS is that effective!




The advanced formula of SHED LBS may even be as effective as the ephedra wave in the late 90’s that nearly forced weight-loss centers and diet doctors out of business. And since then the FDA has been a watchdog for threats to medical weight-loss… But now you don’t have to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars at a weight loss clinic to get your dream body.




Think About It...




SHED LBS has ingredients to help prevent fat from being made while helping to burn the fat you already have! As long as you don’t block this process by eating high-fat junk food, you’ll see pounds just roll off you.  Unlike other products on the market that do little to nothing for your weight problem, SHED LBS contains precise doses of herbs and vitamins; cultivated in optimized conditions and perfected for rapid and sustained weight loss. As a result, you’ll see changes in your appetite almost overnight, which means…





No More Stress-Eating Binges





If you’re an emotional eater (and who isn’t) you’ll never worry about over-eating again. SHED LBS stops your compulsion to “stuff your face” during times of stress. Like pure magic, SHED LBS jump-starts your serotonin levels like a mood-stabilizer so you don’t give in to the temptation of eating “comfort food” to calm down. You’ll feel great from a happier, more positive mood and you’ll look just as fantastic as you feel. You’ll even be able to squeeze into your favorite pair of skinny jeans again!




What’s more, SHED LBS contains no harsh fillers, no binders and is produced in state-of-the-art FDA registered lab facilities. It’s 100% natural and won’t interfere with your regular medication so you can lose weight with confidence.




I lost an average of 4 pounds each week trying Shed and watching what I eat. This also helped drop my cholesterol by 30 points”. Mandy S, – Kennesaw




I was skeptical. But when I talked to the pharmacist about it and gave things a chance I lost 20 pounds. Glad to find a company that lives up to their word”. Richard E, – Acworth




Instead of struggling through another month of diet and exercise to see the needle move only a pound or two, it’s time to try a better waySHED LBS -with unique ingredients to help you burn three times more calories …with no health risks or side effects! In fact, with its carefully selected thermogenic herbs the only effects you’ll notice are:



  • More Energy

  • Less Hunger

  • Less Cravings

  • Enhanced Mood

  • A Higher Metabolism

  • A Smaller Waistline

  • Reduced weight




If you’re serious about doing what it takes to get a leaner, slimmer, great-looking body without the disappointment of most weight loss products, then SHED LBS is for you. Up until recently such a high-performing weight loss product has only been available for the famous, wealthy and powerful but now it’s affordable enough for anyone to try. Don’t waste money on another temporary fad-based gimmick. Isn’t it time for a RELIABLE approach to weight loss with sustained results? Try SHED LBS along with our meal tips. If you don’t get results after complete use, simply return your empty bottle and we will refund every penny –through our 90-day money back guarantee. But again, don’t be fooled, SHED LBS is a serious fat-burner for people who are serious about losing weight; it’s not for those looking for the next fad. If you want to lose weight, look great and feel good doing it, get SHED LBS today. You’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier, slimmer body.




CLICK HERE TO BUY SHED LBS Call: 770-529-9277


Top 5 Exercises To Shed Pounds – No Equipment Needed!

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Here are the top 5 suggested workouts to help reach your weight loss goal for 2019 WITHOUT going to the gym!

Lunges: There are many variations to the lunge, but the plain jane forward lunge is still very effective for weight loss, as it works multiple muscles at once (think: glutes, quads, and hamstrings) for max calorie burn. Get ready to move those short-shorts to the front of your closet.

Stand tall with feet hip-width apart. Place hands on your hips or hold weights, and take a controlled step forward with your right leg.

Keeping your spine tall, lower your body until your front leg and back leg form a 90-degree angle.

Pause, then bring your right leg home to start.

Now do the other side by stepping forward with your left leg.

Repeat 10 times on each side. Do a total of 3 sets.


Burpees: This exercise effectively targets your core, chest, and legs simultaneously. Feel the burn and know you’re building lots of lean muscle.
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Push your hips back, knees bent, and lower into a squat.

Place your hands on the floor directly in front of you and shift your weight to them. Jump back softly to land on your feet in the plank position.

Jump your feet forward so they land just outside of your hands. Reach your hands up and jump explosively into the air.
Immediately lower back into a squat for the next rep.

Repeat 8 to 12 times. Complete 3 sets.


Squats: Squats are one of the best exercises for weight loss. When you do them correctly, you engage your core and entire lower body.

Start with feet hip-width apart, arms either at your sides or holding weights. Keeping your weight in your heels, begin lowering your legs and raising your arms in front of you.

Keeping your back straight, lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Remember to keep your knees in line with your toes the entire time.

Maintain an even pace and rise back to a standing position.

Repeat 3 sets of 15 reps.



Mountain Climbers: Whether you use resistance bands or not, mountain climbers are an excellent way to burn calories. The quick leg motion targets obliques, butt, and hamstrings.

Loop center of band around a stable post like a couch leg. Start on floor in plank position facing away from post, feet placed in handles like stirrups.

Alternately bring right and left knee in toward chest, not allowing toes of bent leg to touch floor.

Repeat for 1 minute and rest 20 seconds. Do 3 sets.


Body-Weight Exercises: Body-weight exercises get your heart pumping and your muscles activated. Increasing your muscle mass means more calories burned, even when you’re not working out.

Start with arms at the your side and feet together. Jump feet apart and raise hands into a jumping jack. From there, place hands on the ground, jump feet out and back in. Raise up back into a jumping jack. Continue for 10 reps. Complete 3 sets.

Stand with legs straight, right hand on your hip and the left leg lifted. Bend and touch your right knee with your left hand. Continue for 10 reps before switching sides. Repeat for 3 sets.

Get into plank position, with hands on the ground and legs outstretched behind you. Begin driving your knee into the opposite shoulder. Continue switching legs for 45 seconds, repeat for 3 sets.

These are great to turn into a fun daily workout routine. Good luck!

This information provided by www.fitnessmagazine.com

10 Foods Proven To Give You More Energy!


10 Foods Proven To Give You More Energy!

During the holidays, everyone needs a little boost. From the added traffic to family events, we always end up finding ourselves lacking the energy we need to make the next casserole or deep clean the house for the in-laws. Here are 10 energy foods that provide a natural energy boost to snack on while you prepare for the holidays ahead:

Bananas may be one of the best energy booster. They are an excellent source of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6, all of which can help boost energy levels in your body. One study showed that eating a banana before a 75-km cycling trial was as efficient as a carbohydrate drink for improving the performance of endurance athletes.

Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are good sources of protein, fatty acids and B vitamins, making them great foods to include in your diet. Vitamin B12 works together with folic acid to produce red blood cells and help iron work better in the body. Optimal levels of red blood cells and iron in the blood can reduce fatigue and increase energy.

Brown rice is a very nutritious food. it is less processed than white rice and retains more nutritional value in the form of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Brown rice also has a low glycemic index. Therefore, it could help regulate blood sugar levels and help you maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.

Eggs are not only a tremendously satisfying food, but they can also provide energy to fuel your day. Eggs are packed with protein, which can give you a steady and sustained source of energy because it does not cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin when it is digested.

Dark chocolate contains stimulatory compounds such as theobromine and caffeine, which have been shown to enhance mental energy and mood.

Yogurt is an excellent snack to fuel up your day. The carbs in yogurt are mainly in the form of simple sugars, such as lactose and galactose. When broken down, these sugars can provide ready-to-use energy.

Strawberries are another good energy-boosting fruit. They can provide you with carbs, fiber and sugars that can enhance energy levels. One cup of strawberries provides 12 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber and 7 grams of sugar. The antioxidants in strawberries may help fight fatigue and boost your low energy levels.

Green tea can be a good energy booster for physical activity because it can decrease fatigue by increasing the breakdown of fat and the release of the hormone norepinephrine.

Oatmeal is a whole-grain cereal that could provide you with long-lasting energy. It contains beta-glucan, a soluble fiber that forms a thick gel when combined with water. Furthermore, oats are rich in vitamins and minerals that help the energy production process. The combination of all these nutrients makes oatmeal a perfect food for sustained energy release.

Besides being delicious, sweet potatoes are a nutritious source of energy for those looking for an extra boost. Thanks to sweet potatoes’ fiber content and complex carbs, your body digests them at a slow pace, which provides you with a steady supply of energy. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of manganese, which helps in the breakdown of nutrients to produce energy.

One extra tip for the road: With all the food, you’ll want a beverage too so add 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses to a glass of milk (regular, skim, soy, or rice milk) and bottoms up. We hope these suggestions will help boost your energy. Happy Holidays!
These helpful tips bought to you by https://www.healthline.com

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