Strontium is a non-radioactive element. It is silvery metal in texture and also is founding in our bones. Various forms of this product are available for bone health. It is the most commonly use supplementary form of this metal. It is taking to improve bone health. Strontium Ran elate is another form that is use to increase bone formation and also prevent the loss of bones in females undergoing menopause with Osteoporosis. This radioactive metal, when use in its irradiated form, can destroy cancer cells too.

It has been found in recent researches that it can be used for the treatment of Osteoporosis as it boosts the formation of cartilage and also collagen in joints. This mineral is commonly found in seawater, and soil.sea food, whole milk, poultry, wheat bran, meat, and also root vegetables are the primary source of Strontium in our daily diet. It works like Calcium. It regulates the formation of new bones and also prevents the breakdown of old ones.

Benefits of strontium:

  • Toothpaste containing Strontium Acetate or also is effective in tooth pain for sensitive teeth.
  • It is injecting intravenously to decrease the pain caused by metastatic bone cancer.
  • Strontium Ran elate is prescribe by doctors to treat Osteoporosis, reduce fracture risks, and increase bone density.
  • Sodium Ran elate helps to prevent arthritis, reduces the pain and stiffness of bones.
  • It is also beneficial to protect the cartilage among knee arthritis patients.
  • The growth of prostate cancer can be restricting by injecting strontium chloride intravenously.
  • It is applying to the skin to reduce itching.
  • This is helpful to prevent tooth decay and cavities.


Two grams of this product is recommending daily, for at least three years, to improve bone health. Or, as prescribed by your health care professional.


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