Red Carpet Pharmacy, Pharmacy  Compounding, Acworth, GA
Red Carpet Pharmacy, Pharmacy  Compounding, Acworth, GA

Fitness Magic

Fitness Magic

90-Day Money Back Guarantee


When you need a quick burst of energy before your exercise routine, this is the safe, natural energy-drink alternative you need. It contains only simple, but powerfully uplifting ingredients: a small amount of energy-boosting caffeine and 100 mg. of glucoronolactone, a unique natural brain and body stimulant made from glucose that quickly and reliably “clears the cobwebs” and puts a smile on your face. So if you’re ready to take your workout to the next level and train like a beast, why choose sugary, health-zapping drinks that will cause you to crash later? Just pop Fitness Magic and head out the door.

For Weight Loss Try Our Skinny Kit


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  • Boosts Athletic  Performance

  • Gives Hours of Energy

  • Drastically Enhances “Runners High”

  • Reduces Post Exercise Cravings

  • No Jitters

  • No Crash

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