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Did you know that smokers have nearly the highest death rate in America? In fact, if you are a smoker over age 40, statistically speaking, SOMEONE WITH TERMINAL CANCER HAS A GREATER CHANCE OF SURVIVAL according to surveys and data collected by the Center for Disease Control. They’ve proven smoking just 1 cigarette per day is enough to shorten your life span. So if you want to dodge the bullet QUITTING SMOKING is a decision you don’t have time to think about. To put matters into perspective, one American dies every 6 seconds from a tobacco related disease.



Have You Tried to Quit Smoking But Suffered

Horrendous Withdrawal Symptoms?



That’s understandable –withdrawal is the single most challenging obstacle in abstaining from cigarettesBut no matter how long or how much you’ve smoked, no matter how many programs you may have tried before, CIGAR-X, the all-natural smoking cessation program can help you beat the odds and QUIT SMOKING FOR LIFE. With this program we have an outstanding success rate of 95% with people who not only quit after the 1st week using CIGAR-X, but never smoked a single day after using the program.




The first time I started this program I wasn’t able to complete it due to medical issues so I decided to give it another try. I’m happy to say this worked exactly as advertised! I had absolutely no desire to smoke and I could tell it cleaned me out of that nicotine. Just wanted you to know this worked really well for me.” – J. North

I have been a cigarette smoker for 40 years. Over the years, I have tried many ways to stop smoking. I tried cold turkey, the patch, gum and prescribed medications. I failed at all of them eventually. If you are a smoker, you understand when I say, my cigarettes were my best friend… The problem is, once you get older, smoking takes a toll on your health. I saw a 7-day program at Red Carpet Pharmacy in Acworth. After speaking with Jimi Sharomi and discussing the money back guarantee, I decided, why not! What followed is difficult to put into words. I felt happy and relaxed. I did not have a thought of a cigarette. I never had a craving for a cigarette. It was absolutely amazing.” – M. Smith

My husband has been smoking since he was a teenager and he was up to almost 4 packs per day, so when I saw this program ad in the Marietta paper I had to tell him about it. We have been so excited about his success that we asked his doctor to start recommending your program to other patients.” – A. Davis









Would You Give an Alcoholic More Drinks To Get Him to Quit?




Of course not! Yet the gum, patches and drugs all take the aim of trying to help you quit by slowly weaning you off of nicotine –which you need to get rid of AT ONCE. You can NEVER quit this way because experiencing nicotine withdrawal is the single thing that causes even the most dedicated quitters to fail.



Did you know there’s approximately a 72% chance you will fail at smoking cessation with OTC programs and prescription drugs? That’s because NONE of the conventional methods address the most difficult aspect of quitting which is DETOXIFYING the body from nicotine and removing it from circulation to eliminate dependence. CIGAR-X is the first and only program to offer this benefit for smokers.



What Makes Our Program Work So Well?



  • It keeps you from suffering excruciating withdrawal symptoms


  • It CLEANSES your body


  • It TRICKS your brain into thinking you are having a cigarette

  • It works from day one, immediately eliminating your urge to smoke

  • It KEEPS you from SCREAMING UNCLE and running back to old habits

  • It grants LONG TERM success to those who are serious about quitting

  • It teaches you why MOST people fail so you can avoid the pitfalls




Are You Thinking This Won’t Work?




CIGAR-X HAS worked for many people over the years, you just have to be ready to quit, Cigar-X does the rest for you… Maybe you think nothing’s going to help with oral fixation  — a tremendous obstacle for most smokers. But Cigar-X has just the tool you’ll need to help conquer this tough habit to break too, just select our CIGAR-X Plus pack… Are you thinking this all sounds too good be true? Rest assured we are a REAL pharmacy with REAL patients who’ve tried Cigar-X before you’ve heard of it and when we contacted each client over the years our records indicate a 95% success rate with inability to follow instructions being a major factor in nearly all failure cases. In fact, CIGAR-X has been so successful for some that a local Pulmonary physician has been recommending it to his patients.  




Twenty minutes after you quit smoking your blood pressure begins to normalize, after two weeks your lung function improves, after 1 month  coughing and shallow breath goes away, after 1 year your heart disease risk DROPS by 50%, after 5 years your stroke risk is reduced to that of a non-smoker, after 10 years  your lung cancer risk is reduced by 50% while all other types of cancer are significantly reduced. Do you want these benefits for yourself or a loved one? Don’t put off this life changing decision. Each day puts you one step closer to DEATH.



In the 1 month it takes to complete taking CIGAR-X, for the average smoker it will already have paid for itself (not to mention how much you’ll save afterwards). Keep in mind your purchase is RISK FREE. If CIGAR-X fails to work as described after complete use of the kit, simply return the empty bottles for a full refund. So don’t wait to become a statistic, start on the CIGAR-X program today. You have nothing to lose but your smoking habit. Are you ready to quit?



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