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"Only about 5% of people who try to quit

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Did you know that smokers have nearly the highest death rate in America? In fact, if you are a smoker over age 40, statistically speaking, SOMEONE WITH TERMINAL CANCER HAS A GREATER CHANCE OF SURVIVAL according to the Center for Disease Control. They’ve proven smoking just 1 cigarette per day is enough to shorten your life span. So if you want to dodge the bullet QUITTING SMOKING is a decision you don’t have time to think about. To put matters into perspective, one American dies every 6 seconds from a tobacco related disease. . "

“Replacing nicotine with nicotine is not the answer”

Cigar-X has been the all natural choice for thousands of people looking to quit smoking without the potentially deadly side effects of prescription drugs


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Step A

Quitting is a battle. This army of 15+ herbs works to help you fight the nasty symptoms of withdrawal. Headache? Ginger can help. Heartburn? Liquorice Root to the rescue. Anxious? Passionflower is known for its calming effect.

Step B

Would You Give an Alcoholic More Drinks To Get Him to Quit? Of course not!  – Traditional products work slowly to keep you smoking and make more $$$. Our Step B is the “Smoker’s Detox” which helps you get rid of nicotine AT ONCE.

Step C

Once you complete Step A & B, the next 4 weeks are gonna make or break your journey to health. Step C provides you with the UNFAIR advantage you need to keep stray urges under control.

Step D

You may have sudden cravings any time during the program. Unbearable urges are unexpected. In those moments, use this special tool as directed in our instruction sheet for instant relief. This only comes with purchase of Cigar-X Plus.

Step A

Take three times daily for the first week of the program. Consuming with or after meals is recommended.

Step B

Take three times daily for the first week of the program. Consuming with or after meals is recommended.

Step C

Take two pills of Maintenance formula with food and one pill in the morning and evening.

Step D (If Purchased)

Use as needed

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