At Red Carpet Pharmacy, we offer our customers the best weight loss pills on the market for fair and reasonable prices. Among our top concerns are your safety and satisfaction, and that’s why we offer only the safest weight loss medication to assist you on your journey to a healthier you.

Who are we? We are a local, independent pharmacy in Acworth, GA, with a focus on integrated medicine. We provide both prescription and natural medicine services to surrounding towns and have done so for years. Our founder, Jim Sharomi, is a compounding pharmacist who studies orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular medicine operates on the principle that chemicals that the human body recognizes, such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and herbs are the best solution to medical conditions.

This translates into our wide selection of weight loss aids, including vitamins for weight loss, appetite suppressants, fat burning supplements, and beyond. All of our products are derived from natural resources familiar to your body, making our weight loss aids both safe and effective.

The following are a few ways our safe diet pills work to help you achieve your desired waistline.

Appetite Suppression

Many of our pills have active, all-natural ingredients that work to suppress your appetite and keep you from grazing throughout the day or binging on large meals at night. These activities are detrimental to the effectiveness of your diet, so we offer several over-the-counter diet pills that can help.

The ingredients in our pills that help keep your cravings at bay include caffeine and hoodia, a South African herbal extract. Both of these ingredients have been observed to curb the hunger of people who take them.

Reduce Water Weight

Many of our weight loss supplements contain diuretics, or ingredients that flush excess water out of your system. A 2009 study observed that dandelion extract reduced weight through increased urination in people who ingested it.

Though water weight is easy to gain back, consistent use of supplements containing diuretics will regulate any excess water your body holds on to and will, in turn, help you lose weight.

Fat Burning Properties

Weight loss supplements are known to naturally increase your levels of energy, which leads to the burning of fat. Believe it or not, this increase is in resting energy rather than kinetic energy, which means that the active ingredients actually burn more fat when you’re at rest than when you’re exercising.

Prevention of Weight Gain

Studies have begun to reveal that taking weight loss supplements can decrease lipogenesis, or the creation of new fat in your body. The ingredient betaine works to halt the production of your genes that promote lipogenesis, preventing you from gaining weight.

If you have any questions about good weight loss pills that you can find through us, stop in or give us a call at 770-529-9277. We look forward to hearing from you!