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Real Weight Loss




I took Phentermine for a while and this product has almost the same effect without the jitters and heart palpitations I experienced with the Phentermine. I can get home from work, send my family off to work/school and still have energy to go to the gym and work out. I’m down 22 lbs in three weeks.” – Melissa J.




[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es! You too can see the amazing proof of fat melting off your body in your own mirror! With the new SKINNY KIT fat burning system just one powerful dose of 3 formulas each day launches you on the most incredible 24-hour fat burning blitz.





Modern technology has finally unleashed remarkable capsule formulas to help attack the problem of obesity all day long. Now you can enjoy the power of being able to burn fat around the clock WITHOUT BATTLING TORTUOUS HUNGER PANGS, WITHOUT CONSTANT WILLPOWER, AND WITHOUT RIGOROUS EXERCISE.






I first started taking this line of products as a pharmacy technician when I was 19 years old and 210 pounds. I went from 160 pounds to 140 pounds in less than 4 months with just one formula. It helped to curb my appetite, reduce cravings, and give me an energy boost during the day. At 23 I am now smaller than when I started high school and have more confidence than ever before!” – Ashley D.





Understandably, you might be skeptical about diet pills. But we assure your success because these magical pills have been transforming bodies for years. In fact, the SKINNY KIT is one of the last of a dying breed of TRUE fat-burners…Real McCoy slimming pills that the FDA hasn’t been paid to force out of the industry.





Now You Can Quickly Drop 8, 12, 15 Pounds or More

Per Month Using The SKINNY KIT





But after you start the program you’ll experience more than rapid weight loss. Check your tape measure and your mirror as you lose your stomach, inches off your waistline, hips, thighs and buttocks. Feel the raw energy that you have to tackle the day with a zest you haven’t experienced since high school! Watch as you walk past vending machines, and fast-food restaurants, naturally losing all cravings for the foods that make you fat. Listen to your body as it thanks you for cleansing it from fat-building toxins. Witness the SKINNY KIT exponentially multiply your exercise routine as it ACCELERATES your FAT-BURN OFF rate.





But even if you are losing weight faster than ever before, and even if you’re thrilled with the new thin body you see in the mirror, it’s still a good idea to eat sensibly. Because who wants to stop at a measly 8 or 12 pounds when you can lose 20 POUNDS OR MORE in 30 days? Friend, that’s the beauty of the SKINNY KIT. Whatever good choice you make these pills take pennies and turn them into GOLD, and that’s why their called “Skinny Magic”. You begin shedding pounds with little to no effort and all of a sudden your friends will begin to compliment you…even your jealous friends will have no choice but to ask you for your secrets.





Weight loss with the SKINNY KIT is usually substantial so I encourage you to measure your results every week on your bathroom scale. Check your progress in the mirror. The SKINNY KIT is subtle but produces results FAST and effectively. Clothes get loose, inches shrink and pounds fall off and pretty soon you can’t believe what’s happening to you. This incredibly fast fat-burner has been proven again and again.




If you would like to experience the thrill of a new, thinner you without the hassles of typical weight loss programs, this SKINNY KIT is for you. Why waste money on another plan that you KNOW will fail? Get the SKINNY KIT today. Don’t wait , you can start today and be on your way to a happier, skinnier new you. Act now!






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7 thoughts on “Real Weight Loss

  1. Don McElroy says:

    I’m a type 2 diabetic. Can I take this while taking Metformin and Glypizide? If so, should I reduce the amount of those drugs?

    Can I take this along with the other drug you’re recommending, to cut blood sugar?

    1. Scripts says:

      Hi Don, sorry for the late response, we have been trying to get the software to respond to inquiries. Yes you can safely take our weight loss products with Metformin and Glipizide. As long as your doctor has not said you must avoid caffeine, or you do not have heart irregularities it will be fine. As far as Berberine for glucose control what I recommend is that you begin taking the Metformin every other day instead of every day and monitor your readings regularly to make sure they are in a good range. Then after 2 weeks you can reduce Metformin to twice a week or so for another two weeks. If readings stay optimal, then phase out Metformin totally. The Glipizide should remain the same while you’re reducing Metformin. If you notice you are maintaining good readings after stopping Metformin you can pursue the same reduction schedule with Glipizide.

  2. Don McElroy says:

    I drink coffee and have atrial fibrillation, controlled by medication. Take lots of drugs, as follows:
    Diltiazem 180mg, Metformin 1,000mg x 2, Digoxin 0.25mg, Carvedilol 6.25mgX2, Glipizide 5mg X2, Atorvastatin40mg, Warfarin-weekly: 4days@7.5mg & 3@5mg. NonPrescription:VitaminD3 2,000 IU, OmegaQPlusX2 (for heart. Plan to stop taking it.), Instaflex -Advanced – (for
    arthritic knees.)
    So, do you still think it would be OK for me to take your sugar-reducing and weight loss drugs?

    1. Scripts says:

      I think the weight loss program would benefit you in the fact that losing the weight will actually help reduce your need for Metformin, the statin and may possibly reduce stress on the heart. There is caffeine in the products however it is equivalent to less than 2 cups of coffee. Since you drink coffee regularly without spikes in your blood pressure or atrial fib episodes then I believe it would be ok to try. So far, no one has seen any increase in their heart rate while taking this and that is a question that we routinely ask. The Berberine-500 only has positive benefits for blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure and even arrhythmias so there are no restrictions at all to taking that product.

      As an aside, one thing to watch out for is the Omega and Instaflex both have some blood thinning properties so if the doctor has noticed changes in the Warfarin labs that would be a reason why.

  3. Daisy says:

    How long does one bottle last?

    1. RCP says:

      Hi Daisy, one bottle of Plum Skinny lasts 1 month and typically the Cleanse and Ultra for 2 months based on average usage

  4. I like how you suggested for people to eat sensibly because they could change from losing 12 pounds to 20 pounds. I have always wanted to lose weight I just don’t have a lot of time to invest in working out. I’ll try and find some program for it but in the meantime I’ll watch what I eat so that I can at least lose a little bit.

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